4 Tips to playing live dealer roulette


There are quite few people who understand how to win a roulette when playing at a live dealer roulette online and the truth is that, there is no one sure way of how to win, but there are particular ways in which you can embrace to try to become successful as a roulette player. Ensure that you don’t get misguided as a live roulette player by trying to read through the following tips on how to go about playing the game:

Pick the right live roulette variation

You will not find a variety of live roulette variations and in majority of cases, you will find the ones which are standard: American, French and European. You will be encouraged to avoid the American variation and always go for the French or the European which has en prison or la partage rules. The French roulette house edge with the rules tends to be lower at only 1.35%.

Don’t waste money if you don’t understand the odds

The bet which is highest paying for roulette is the single number bet, and most of the unskilled roulette players do go by having to place large amount of money on one number. It is known to be the worst way to play roulette as the chances for the ball hitting the specific number is lower as compared to what you could achieve if you picked several numbers.

The best rule is that, the more numbers that you bet on, the higher the chances of winning. Instead of having to place on a single number, try dividing it to include various numbers. Try to cover whole groups of columns, numbers and rows.

Roulette wheels which are unbalanced are not there in live roulette games

One thought which is common with the roulette players is that each roulette wheel online casino has an imbalance which makes it to give more numbers than the others. And due to the fact that live roulette games are played using actual roulette table, it is natural for players to think that it is the same case with live roulette as well.  Such a thing doesn’t exist with live casino roulette.

Forget about betting systems

The betting systems are known to work only in the long term, which denotes that, you will need to have a big bankroll which is something that is unacceptable for majority of players.

Kobe Karla
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