Bets that successful roulette players tend to place?


We all want to discover a secret winning formula for roulette, but does such a thing even exist? To find out whether you can win at the roulette table, we need to take a look at how highly successful players win regularly.

The difference between inside and outside bets

If you want to aim for a huge win at roulette, then you might be tempted to put your chips directly onto a single number. At 35 to 1, this is the best bet in roulette in terms of the return, but also the option that is least likely to come up.

The single number, or straight up, bet is an example of the inside bets that appear in the center of the betting grid. These wagers also include the likes of split, street, and corner, which cover 2, 3, and 4 numbers, respectively.

As the name suggests, outside bets are seen around the edge of the betting area. These options cover larger groups of numbers such as red, black, odd, even, high, or low. All of these bets include half of the numbers minus the zero(s) and pay out at 1 to 1. The dozens and columns bets pay out at 1 to 12 and over a third of the numbers.

Since this is a game of luck, any of these bets could come up or not. So, simply choosing between inside and outside bets doesn’t give us any immediate advantage, so what else do we need to know?

If you look at an NJ online casino, you will find versions of the games such as European and American variants, as well as live dealer games where the human dealer spins the wheel live on your screen. However, the inside and outside bets will always be very similar in all of these versions.

The use of progressive strategies

The most famous roulette wins in history have been made on single numbers, simply because this is the option that pays out the largest amounts. Yet, this or any type of bet you make will eventually run into the problem of the house edge.

The presence of the zero in European games and two zeros in American roulette means that the casino has a built-in advantage. If you simply place inside or outside bets every time, the house edge will, in theory, eventually mean that you lose money.

This is why progressive strategies like Martingale and Fibonacci have been created. The idea is that by changing your stake depending upon past results, you are able to remove the house edge factor. These strategies can only be used on even money bets in the outside bets area of the table, but opinion is strongly divided over whether they work or not.

Targeting certain parts of the wheel

Rather than focusing on the different types of bets, some players will look at the wheel itself. Does wheel bias or the dealer’s action result in it being more likely that the ball will land in a certain section of the wheel?

Not everyone will feel confident identifying their bets in this way, but it is an example of how some successful roulette players manage to get an advantage over the house edge during a large number of spins.

The key to enjoying your roulette playing and having a good chance of winning is in finding a game that you like the look of, and then choosing a type of bet or strategy that you are comfortable with. After that, it is a question of hoping for the best and enjoying the action.

Kobe Karla
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